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Taryn Chalmers
Taryn ChalmersFounder and CEO
Taryn, our founder and CEO, started this Charity during Medical School, as a way of giving back to our aged care population, while helping rescue pups across Sydney!

Her parents rescue puppers, and she adores her grandparents! What a way to combine her love of both!

Taryn’s PhD focused on mental health, in particular depression and anxiety, and she recognised the importance of a holistic approach to mental health in the setting of Sydney’s aged care facilities.

Hi! I’m Ed.

I’ve been involved with AFAC for a few months and have really enjoyed working with the team, dogs and aged care residents.

As improving mental health is a real passion of mine, I wanted to give back in a meaningful way. Thanks to AFAC, I’ve been able to do so AND hang around with some adorable old dogs too.

I’ve loved the opportunities I’ve had working with AFAC. Watching both the residents and dogs thrive in each other’s company has been a real delight.

Hi my name’s Rob,
As a medical student, the wellbeing of others is incredibly important to me. Through working with Animals for All Care, I am able to serve the elderly community and promote the welfare of animals. Uniting those in care with animals has mutual benefits and is an incredibly rewarding role!
Hi, I’m Grace!
I more or less fall in love with every dog I meet and I know well the unparalleled companionship, comfort and pleasure that dogs provide. It is such a joy to be able to spend time with the beautiful RSPCA doggos each week. Even better is seeing how they light up the days of the aged care residents, whose reactions make working for AFAC so rewarding
MeimiAdministration Officer | Board Member
I’ve always had a huge love for animals (even started studying to be a vet) and through AFAC, I’ve been able to combine this with my passion for helping vulnerable populations. It is just so rewarding to see the joy from everyone involved!